Disable unused block editor blocks PRO

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Remove unused or unwanted blocks from Gutenberg block editor

Disable Unused Block Editor Blocks is a must-have tool for any WordPress website built with Gutenberg Block Editor.
Manage your blocks and enable or disable any block globally.

But how would you know which block you can disable?
What if you disable something that is used somewhere and it will break your website layout?
No worries!
This plugin will show you which block is already used in any post, page, custom post type or even in widgets and sidebars, so you can easily decide if it is safe to disable that block.

  • list of all blocks with their icons, titles, names and descriptions divided into categories
  • globally enable or disable any block
  • works with reusable or nested blocks and even with blocks used in widget areas
  • works with custom blocks, any additional block plugins and even with blocks created with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)
  • see whether the block is used somewhere, so you will never disable wrong block and break something on your website

PRO version features:

  • see a detailed usage report – where exactly is the block used and you can directly visit or edit that post
  • see all styles and variations for every single block
  • work with groups – group blocks by category, activation status or usage status
  • enable or disable all blocks in a group with a single click
  • search and filter blocks by name, title or description
  • change post statuses applied for usage status detection – in free version it is set to publish, future, draft, pending and private
  • export and import settings
  • force disable blocks defined in theme disabled_blocks.json file
  • manage core/embed variations as separate blocks

Limited FREE version available here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/disable-unused-block-editor-blocks/


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Disable unused block editor blocks PRO
Disable Gutenberg blocks you don't need or not use anywhere

Disable unused block editor blocks PRO
Gutenberg block usage status is checked for selected post statuses

Disable unused block editor blocks PRO
See all places where is Gutenberg block used - pages, posts or even widgets

Disable unused block editor blocks PRO
List all styles and variations for every single block

Last updated: 26. March 2024
Current version: 6.8.2
Tested up to: 6.5