Images to WebP

Statistics say that WebP format can save over a half of the page weight without losing images quality.
Convert PNG, JPG and GIF images to WebP and speed up your web, save visitors download data, make your Google ranking better.

automated test after plugin activation to make sure it will work on your server
works with all types of WordPress installations: domain, subdomain, subdirectory, multisite/network
works on Apache and NGiNX
image URL will be not changed so it works everywhere, in <img> src, srcset, <picture>, even in CSS backgrounds and there is no problem with cache
original files will be not touched
set quality of converted images
auto convert on upload
only convert image if WebP filesize is lower than original image filesize
bulk convert existing images inside /wp-content/ folders to WebP ( you can choose folders )
bulk convert only missing images
works with `Fly Dynamic Image Resizer` plugin


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